Achilles tendinitis and ruptures associated with antibiotic use

I recently over the past year had two separate patients develop complications associated with the use of a specific class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. One patient developed mild tendinitis of the Achilles tendon to both the right and left foot. The other patient developed a rupture of the Achilles tendon and required an extensive surgery … Read more

Do I need surgery on my Achilles Tendon?

Achilles Tendon Treatment

When you injure your Achilles tendon, it can be extremely painful and impact your walking. If the tendon is torn, surgery is often the best option for recovery. Many times, Achilles tendon surgery is the only option. District Foot & Ankle can repair your Achilles tendon and get you moving towards being mobile. Knowing what … Read more

What Causes Pain in the Big Toe?

Walk Strong & Pain Free with the Right Foot Treatment

Sharp pain in the big toe can impact your walking and activity level. Our big toes help us balance ourselves and move comfortably. It also bears the bulk of the weight the toes carry. Various things can cause pain in big toe, and a proper diagnosis is important. Here are the three most common causes … Read more

Cutting Edge Treatment for Any Foot Problem


Foot problems impact our everyday life. It keeps you from doing what you need to do and can even have you completely off your feet. Many people tend to ignore minor foot pain, hoping it will go away on its own. While that can happen, often it develops into something more severe that could have … Read more

Professional Foot Tendon Surgery

Your foot is an intricately designed part of the body. Tendons and ligaments can become easily damaged, causing severe pain. Ligaments connect bones to bones, and tendons connect muscles to bones. Foot tendon surgery is a common occurrence here at District Foot & Ankle. Depending on the problem, there are different types of surgery. Achilles … Read more

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