Plantar Fibromas Treatment

Plantar Fibromatosis Treatment

A plantar fibroma is a benign soft tissue mass present in the plantar fascia on the bottom surface of the foot. This is a benign (non-malignant) mass that will usually not go away or get smaller without treatment. The mass is a noticeable lump on the arch of the foot and feels firm. Fibromas can either be painful or pain free, which is usually dictated by location on the foot. To confirm diagnosis, a MRI or biopsy can be performed. Treatment options include simply doing nothing (if it’s confirmed to be a benign mass) and monitoring, steroid injections to help shrink the mass, orthotic devices to accommodate the mass (distributes the weight away from the mass to other parts of the foot). Surgical management involves removal of the mass in cases in which diagnosis is unclear, or if the patient does not respond to non-surgical treatment options.