Hammertoe Surgery


Hammertoe Surgery

Hammertoe surgery is a type of orthopedic procedure used to correct the deformity of bent toes. This deformity is caused when the tendons and muscles in the toe become contracted due to imbalance or unequal movement, leading to a curled or curved toe. Hammertoe surgery works by releasing, realigning, and stabilizing the joints within the affected toe with or without orthopedic hardware such as pins or wires.

The goal of hammertoe surgery is to provide relief from pain caused by hammertoes and improve shoe fit. Without treatment, hammertoes can continue to worsen over time which can lead to further complications. The success rate for hammertoe surgery is quite high; however, it is important to understand that post-operative care and therapy are critical components for optimal outcomes. Your doctor may require additional visits to their office after your surgery so they can monitor your healing progress and discuss any needed changes in your post-operative care plan. 

Depending on your condition, hammertoe surgery may involve one or multiple steps including joint release, tendon repair, and/or joint fusion. Aftercare following hammertoe surgery includes keeping the affected area clean and covered with a sterile bandage until fully healed as well as avoiding activities that could cause strain on the surgical site for up to 6 weeks after – depending on individual healing times – for proper healing of tissue at surgical sites

It’s important to note that hammertoe surgery does not necessarily guarantee the full correction of malpositioned toes; however, it does go a long way towards providing you with relief from pain and increasing comfort when wearing shoes because it eliminates most pressure points associated with maladjusted toes. Many patients report significant improvements after having undergone hammertoe corrective surgery.