Swift Microwave Wart Treatment

District Foot and Ankle is pleased to introduce a new way to treat plantar warts. Exclusively in Alexandria, Virginia, District Foot and Ankle can cure your persistent wart problem with Swift’s revolutionary new treatment plan.

For decades we’ve relied on destructive means of treating warts from over-the-counter solutions to treatments like cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen, acids and even beetle juice to wipe out and destroy warts. The problem with this approach is that it addresses the symptom (warts) and not the actual cause: the difficult-to-control and detect HPV virus.

Swift Freedom through Innovation

District Foot and Ankle offers Saorsa’s innovative “Swift” treatment solution that utilizes disruptive microwave technology. Saorsa, pronounced (ser-sha), is Scottish Gaelic for “Freedom.”

  • Freedom from pain, recovery time and frustration.
  • Freedom from recurrence of warts

In our years of treating warts, District Foot and Ankle is thrilled to find the most effective solution for ending your relationship with persistent warts.


How Swift Works

Before Treatment
During Treatment
After Treatment

A radical departure from traditional and unreliable destructive tissue treatments, Swift stimulates your own immune system to detect and destroy the underlying HPV virus. Traditional wart treatments target warts that result from one of more than 200 HPV viruses. Swift is different as it targets the HPV viral source, tags and reveals the virus to your immune system, and stimulates permanent healing.

The microwave technology delivered by District Foot and Ankle’s Swift system actually reveals the hard-to-detect HPV virus to your immune system allowing your body to start fighting the HPV virus and its accompanying warts instantly after treatments.

District Foot and Ankle applies the Swift microwave wand to your affected tissue five times for 2 seconds each, delivering 8-10 watts each. Once complete, you are free to lead your life, pain free. No bandages, dressings, or limitations!

To eradicate the HPV virus and prevent wart recurrence, the Swift system takes 2-3 sessions, depending on how severe your warts are, followed by a final consultation three months after the last session to ensure that no more treatments are needed.

Much more effective than destructive techniques including cutting tissue, Swift’s microwave applications generate a genuine immune reaction.

For more than 75 years patients have relied on OTC treatments and/or destructive procedures that treat the skin condition but not the CAUSE of the skin condition.

If you’ve been promised time and time again that this or that would be a cure to your warts, you owe it to yourself to try a different way. Use Swift to start stimulating the body’s own immune system to fight and defeat HPV viruses. It’s the cure for warts that traditional treatments could never deliver because it attacks the cause, not just the effect.

Unlike traditional methods that see a 50% recurrence, Swift stops the recurrence of warts because it helps stimulate and create HPV immunity.

Put Warts in Your Rear view Mirror

Start going barefoot and wearing open-toe shoes again this summer. Contact District Foot and Ankle for more details and get on our schedule to be free from warts!