5 Overlooked Risks of Cortisone Injections in the Foot and Ankle

Risks of cortisone in the foot and ankle

Cortisone injections are a popular treatment for various foot and ankle conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. These injections help decrease the swelling and pain associated with this condition. However, they also come with risks that many people don’t know about! In this blog post, we will discuss the overlooked risks of cortisone injections in the … Read more

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

Foot ulcers can be caused by several chronic conditions. The word ulcer just refers to a sore that is created when the skin of the foot breaks down and opens up to expose the tissue and sometimes the bone underneath. While people who suffer from diabetes are at risk to develop foot ulcers, they are … Read more

Great Toe Joint Fusion Surgery

great toe joint fusion for arthritis

In severe cases of arthritis of the big toe joint, fusion surgery may be necessary. The gold standard treatment for end-stage arthritis is a surgical procedure that locks the great toe joint up and is called a “fusion” or “arthrodesis”. This blog post will discuss what you can expect from this type of surgery as … Read more

Reasons why ankle pain can occur

reasons why ankle pain can occur

Ankle pain can occur for many reasons. It can range from a sprain, arthritis, instability, impingement, a ligament tear, or an osteochondral lesion. Many treatment options exist including conservative options like bracing, physical therapy, and injections to surgical options which may be required in the worst-case scenarios. The best form of treatment requires a good … Read more