3 Different Achilles Tendon Ruptures and How They Were Treated

Mid-substance achilles rupture, proximal achilles rupture, neglected achilles rupture

Our practice recently saw three patients on the same day who had all sustained Achilles tendon ruptures. The three injuries occurred while playing basketball, but each one was unique, so the treatments varied. Here’s a look at the three different injuries and the treatments that were used. Complete Achilles Tendon Rupture — Immediate Presentation The … Read more

What is the most common cause of diabetic foot ulcers?

Diabetic Foot ulcer

Diabetic foot ulcers are wounds that occur on the feet of people with diabetes. A multi-disciplinary approach is important because this is a complex problem. Usually, diabetic foot ulcers start with neuropathy which is nerve damage from higher sugar levels. What are Diabetic Foot Ulcers? Diabetic foot ulcers are wounds that occur on the feet … Read more

Achilles Tendonitis Caused by Antibiotics

The indiscriminate use of drugs and more specifically, of antibiotics, is generating innumerable public health problems such as poisoning and bacterial resistance. Of worrying concern is a new side effect that has recently been described: Achilles tendinitis and tendon rupture. What is Achilles tendonitis? Achilles tendonitis refers to inflammation and acute pain of the Achilles … Read more

Q&A: Answering Some of Your Cortisone Shot Ankle Concerns

Cortisone shots are pretty common across the United States and are favored for their ability to directly help reduce inflammation in and around joints in the feet and ankles. If you’ve been recommended cortisone shots or are looking for more information, you’re in the right place. We’ve taken time to answer some of the most … Read more