5 Things You Should Know When Getting a Cortisone Shot in Foot

If you suffer from joint inflammation and pain, your podiatrist may recommend getting a cortisone shot in foot to help ease your suffering.

While cortisone injections can be helpful, there are a few things you need to be aware of. That’s what we’re going to tackle in this post.

1. Cortisone injections provide temporary relief

Cortisone injections are viewed as just a part of your overall treatment plan. That’s because of their limitations. For long-term relief, you need to also consider incorporating lifestyle changes such as losing weight and physical therapy.

2. Cortisone injections don’t prevent joint degradation

As the years wear on, you may think your cortisone shot in foot is no longer working as it did at the start. You may even wonder if you’ve developed a tolerance to it. The period of pain relief may appear shorter. Actually, the biggest culprit for this is simply joint degradation.

3. Don’t rush into stressing the pain-free joint

So, the cortisone has finally kicked in, you’re pain-free and you suddenly feel like you could run 5 miles. Yeah, you probably shouldn’t. Resist the temptation of engaging in strenuous exercises that will aggravate your inflammation and joint pain.

4. Cortisone injections are administered in cycles

Any drug that has the power to relieve pain can become addictive very fast. However, this isn’t the main reason podiatrists don’t administer cortisone injections often. The fact of the matter is that injecting cortisone into the foot over a relatively short period of time can damage the ligaments, tendons, and articular cartilage. That’s why the time between each injection can be 3 to 4 months.

5. Cortisone injections are not ideal for all

It’s imperative to be upfront with your podiatrist about all the medication you’re currently taking – especially blood thinners. Cortisone may have an adverse reaction with some of your current meds. You may not be eligible for cortisone if you have broken bones, an existing infection, or septic arthritis.

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