Healthy Legs Interview – Plantar fasciitis discussion!

Dr. Nodelman of District Foot and Ankle was recently interviewed by the Facebook group Healthy Legs. During the interview he discusses how he become involved in the field of podiatric medicine and surgery and discusses plantar fasciitis, a very common condition seen in his practice. Check the video out for yourself!

Just to reiterate, plantar fasciitis (also known as plantar fasciopathy) is a very common cause of heel pain. Typically, there will be significant pain with first step in the morning but this will abate after a few steps. As the day progresses, depending on level of activity, pain may slowly start to increase in intensity.

There are many treatment options available for plantar fasciitis and some of the more common modalities include a good stretching regimen, orthotics, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections and radial shockwave treatment.

Radial shockwave is an advanced treatment option offered by Dr. Nodelman and this technology emits energy into tissues that have disease (like the plantar fascia in plantar fasciitis). The goal is to increase bloodflow to the area and to promote an inflammatory response. Patients will typically enjoy some relief after a single treatment but the medical literature demonstrates that 4-5 treatments are necessary for a long-lasting effect.

If you are suffering from heel pain call Dr. Nodelman today for a consultation for confirmation of diagnosis and for a comprehensive treatment plan!