A Revolutionary Approach to Bunion Surgery: The Hybrid Technique Using Novastep Centrolock

Bunions, those painful bony protrusions at the base of the big toe, have been the bane of many. For decades, many surgical options have existed including but not limited to osteotomies, fusions with various constructs to apply orthopedic hardware for stability.  However, a breakthrough hybrid surgical technique allows for better outcomes and quicker recoveries and also potentially avoiding a fusion. Central to this new approach is the intramedullary fixation device known as Novastep Centrolock.

Understanding Bunion Deformities

Bunions, medically termed hallux valgus, are bony bumps that form on the joint at the base of the big toe. This joint carries much of your weight while walking, so bunions can cause severe and persistent pain, especially with wider shoes. When the condition worsens, the toe can angle inwards, causing alignment issues and pain in other parts of the foot and body.  Both conservative and surgical options do exist for management of the painful bunion deformities.  Conservative options include activity modifications, shoe modifications, pain medications, and orthotics.  Surgery is typically reserved for cases of painful deformities that have failed to respond to the conservative treatment options listed above.

Enter the Hybrid Technique of the Novastep Centrolock

The hybrid technique marries the best of both worlds with aggressive correction through a smaller incision and with the benefit of avoiding a fusion. It employs a distal first metatarsal osteotomy, a surgical procedure that cuts the bone near the big toe joint. The magic, however, lies in the Novastep Centrolock device.

Novastep Centrolock: A Game-Changer

This intramedullary fixation device is designed to stabilize the osteotomy, ensuring that the bone heals in the correct position. The unique features of Novastep Centrolock include:

  • Correction in All 3 Planes of Space: Traditional methods often limit correction to one or two planes, but the Centrolock system allows surgeons to correct deformities in all three dimensions.
  • Potent Correction Mechanism: Especially for larger deformities, which would traditionally necessitate a fusion, the Centrolock offers a robust corrective mechanism without the need for such an invasive procedure.
  • Streamlined Recovery: One of the standout benefits of using the Centrolock system is the recovery period. Unlike the extended recovery from fusion, patients who undergo the hybrid technique typically experience a more straightforward healing process. Additionally, they are often permitted to bear weight immediately after the surgery.


The power of the Novastep Centrolock, marks a significant advancement in bunion surgery. It offers hope to countless patients, allowing them to walk pain-free and with a quicker recovery. As with all medical procedures, it’s essential to consult with a foot and ankle specialist to determine the best treatment option for your specific condition.