What You Should Know About Inner Ankle Pain Running

Do you find yourself suffering from inner ankle pain during or after running?

If you answered, ‘yes’, you’re not alone.

Acute ankle sprains affect approximately 2 million people each year across the United States. For high school athletes, ankle injuries account for around 22.6% of all sporting injuries. Inner ankle pain running is more common than most people are aware of. And if you’re a runner, it’s not something you should ignore.

Major sources of inner ankle pain for runners

The main causes of inner ankle pain running include:
·         Stress fractures
·         Ankle sprains
·         Ankle strains
·         Tendonitis
Let’s look at each one in-depth.

1. Stress fractures

Bones can suffer minor cracks also known as stress fractures. Among runners, stress fractures may occur if:
·         Your diet is lacking in calcium and vitamin D
·         Your running program is excessive
·         You’re running on hard surfaces like the road
·         Your workout is not diverse enough and is limited
Symptoms of stress fractures include swelling, bruising, and pain that reduces at rest.

2. Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains occur when you’ve torn a ligament or overstretched it. Ligaments are the tissues that connect your bones. So, how do you know you’ve sprained an ankle?

There will likely be a pain in your inner ankle, bruising, and swelling, and you may also be unable to use the injured leg.

3. Ankle strains

When you stretch or tear the tissue that links your muscles to your bones, that’s called a strain. When this happens in the ankle, you’ll likely display the following symptoms:
·         Ankle muscle spasms
·         Ankle cramping
·         Ankle pain and or swelling

4. Tendonitis

Tendonitis, the inflammation or irritation of tendons affects runners quite frequently and the causes can be narrowed down to:
·         Extended running cycles
·         Wearing non-running shoes
·         Physical incongruities such as flat feet or low arches
Tell-tale signs of possible tendonitis are tenderness in the ankles, swelling, and a dull ache.

Discuss your concerns with a podiatrist

If you’re worried about injuring yourself during running or have any questions about inner ankle pain running, feel free to contact Dr. Lonny Nodelman. Request your appointment today.

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