What to Expect When Visiting the Alexandria, Virginia Podiatrist

What to Expect When Visiting the Alexandria, Virginia Podiatrist

Your feet enable you to walk, play and even stand up. But these privileges can easily be compromised by some issues. Injuries, diseases, and infections are just a few of the problems that may end up affecting your feet or lower legs.

Sometimes you know the exact cause of your foot problem. There are also times when you have no idea why you feel pain or develop swollen feet. Regardless of your situation, it is prudent to seek the professional services of a podiatrist.

The District Foot & Ankle in Alexandria, Virginia, was opened back in 2019. The practice is owned by Dr. Lonny Nodelman and includes a team of highly professional staff.

As soon as you walk into the premises, you will notice clean floors, organized seats, and a relaxing atmosphere. At the reception, you’ll find someone that is all ears. The receptionists will attend to your issue and assist with any other information you may require.

Before carrying out any diagnosis of your condition, a medical expert will carefully listen to you and take note of important details. Such information helps form part of your personalized treatment plan.

You may have to go through a physical exam on your first visit.  Additionally, the doctor may require you to undergo a skin biopsy, butterfly IQ diagnostic ultrasound, or digital x-ray. These tests help ascertain the problem that may be affecting your lower legs.

Soon after ascertaining what is affecting you, the doctor will recommend the most effective treatment option. Some of these options may include,

  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery or arthroscopy
  • Limb-salvage surgery for problems such as foot ulcers, diabetes, wounds, and infections
  • Non-surgical treatment of ingrown nails, otherwise known as onyfix
  • Customized orthotics, including special shoes or heel inserts

The above are just examples of what you can expect when visiting the Alexandria, Virginia, podiatrist center. So, instead of ignoring that minor pain or swelling that doesn’t seem to go away, why not visit District Foot and Ankle for quick solutions?