Great Toe Arthritis Clean-Up Procedure

Great Toe Arthritis Clean-Up Procedure

Great Toe Arthritis, also known as Hallux rigidus, is the pain and stiffness occurring in the big toe region. During severe stages of this condition, a bone spur may develop around the joint, causing even more pain and inflammation.

The bone spur can appear as a swelling on top or around the big toe joint. Bone spurs develop mainly because of continuous jointdamage or deterioration. Most patient’s experience intense pains while walking or if the joint rubs against their shoes.

Clean-Up Procedures Involved

The great toe arthritis procedures involve either surgical or non-surgical alternatives.

Non-surgical treatments are usually the first option. Their primary goal is to decrease or eliminate painful symptoms. The process may involve taking painkillers or using anti-inflammatory drugs. A patient may also use other ways, like changing the footwear, to relieve pain.

However, if pain persists and symptoms worsen, a physician may refer a patient to surgical treatments. At this point, a surgeon may choose fromvarious great toe arthritis clean-up procedures. It all depends on the extent and damage that occurs in the big toe.

The surgical procedure involves removing the bone spur growth from the top or the side of the joints to reduce pain. Many patients find the surgical process very effective, with most satisfied with the results.

Besides, a surgical procedure is the best way to achieve lasting pain relief and improved movement. This procedure has low risks of complications with high chances of recovery. The recovery process may vary depending on the method used to address arthritis.


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