What Are the Peroneal Tendons?

What Are the Peroneal Tendons?

Tendons are the strong, fibrous tissue that connects the muscles in your body to your bones. Peroneal tendons are the two tendons that run along the outside of the bony bit of each of your ankles.

They connect the muscles in the lower part of your legs to the bones in your ankle and foot, and play a crucial role in stabilizing your ankle when you’re shifting directions, or pushing off with the tips of your toes. Because of the regular stress these tendons experience, it’s fairly common to see them torn or enflamed, whether it be from injury or simply overuse.

Peroneal tendonitis or tears can happen to anyone, but are most often seen in athletes who are subject to sports that require repetitive running and jumping motions.

People suffering from peroneal tendonitis often experience a burning sensation along the outside of their lower leg, foot, and ankle that worsens with activity. Peroneal tendon tears, however, can often cause people to experience a much sharper pain or tearing sensation.

Common Symptoms may include:

  • Swelling
  • Increased temperature and tenderness to the touch
  • Weakened stability in the foot and/or ankle
  • Increased pain when stretching the foot or turning it inward
  • General pain and discomfort along the outside of the foot and ankle areas

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, the good news is you don’t have to continue to feel discomfort.

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