Does your inner ankle hurt while running? We can help!

If you take up running on a regular basis, it’s not uncommon for inner ankle pains to show up from time to time. After all, when you’re running, your entire body weight is supported by your ankle and foot.

In an ideal scenario, an ice pack and leg elevation would have you feeling good as new the following day. However, if your inner ankle pain becomes frequent and/or unbearable, something’s not right.

Regardless if the pain only occurs when you’re running or if it persists when you’re inactive, the discomfort you’re feeling can stem from a number of causes, including:

A sprained ankle – Although this is one of the most common causes for inner ankle pain, it shouldn’t be ignored. You should care for a sprained ankle the right way — otherwise, healing could take longer, and this could compromise your training schedule.

Osteoarthritis – Wear-and-tear on an ankle joint could come with age or result from a previous ankle injury. Either way, pain will follow. The treatment, which usually involves physical therapy and medications, will vary from patient to patient.

Shin Splints – Running can place a lot of stress on the muscles around your shin bones. This alone could cause pain, but small fractures to the bone could contribute to it. This pain can radiate to the inside of your leg, right above the ankle.

Of course, the above aren’t the only possible diagnoses. Inner ankle pain can result from a number of issues only a professional can properly detect.

Don’t let this pain keep you from performing your best. Give District Foot & Ankle a call today, and book your appointment. We can pinpoint your concern and get you on the road to recovery, fast.