Do I need surgery on my Achilles Tendon?

When you injure your Achilles tendon, it can be extremely painful and impact your walking. If the tendon is torn, surgery is often the best option for recovery. Many times, Achilles tendon surgery is the only option. District Foot & Ankle can repair your Achilles tendon and get you moving towards being mobile. Knowing what to expect after the surgery can ensure you are prepared to do your part in the healing process.

·         After Surgery – Once the surgery is complete, a cast is usually put on that goes from your knee to your toes. No weight should be put on the leg for several weeks. You will need to use crutches or some other device to aid in walking.

·         Cast Removal – A walking boot replaces the cast once it gets removed. Crutches are still needed. Mild rehab may begin.

·         Starting Physical Therapy – This occurs approximately a month after surgery.  Your walking boot is adjusted, and more aggressive exercises begin.

·         6 – 8 Weeks Post-surgery – Rehab is more spread out, and you may be able to lose the walking boot. Activity is still limited.

·         Full Activity – Full activity returns four to six months after surgery, depending on your situation.  Care is still needed as full recovery can take up to a year.

For more information on Achilles tendon surgery, give District Foot & Ankle a call at (703) 832-9013.