Professional Foot Tendon Surgery

Your foot is an intricately designed part of the body. Tendons and ligaments can become easily damaged, causing severe pain. Ligaments connect bones to bones, and tendons connect muscles to bones. Foot tendon surgery is a common occurrence here at District Foot & Ankle. Depending on the problem, there are different types of surgery.

Achilles Tendon Surgery

Although the Achilles tendon is quite tough, this is one of the more common surgeries. When it becomes damaged, it may need surgery to repair it.

Flexor Foot Tendon Surgery

These are the tendons that run along the toe bottoms. It can cause imbalance. Surgery helps release the tension.

Extensor Tendon Surgery

These tendons allow you to lift your toes. They run opposite of the flexor foot tendons on the top of your foot.  Hammertoe is a problem involving the extensor tendon and may require surgery.

Peroneal Tendon

These are on behind the ankle’s outer bone. This surgery is rare as other methods can usually deal with any problems from this tendon.

Posterior Tibial Tendon

This is an important tendon as it supports your arch. You need it to walk correctly. When conservative methods don’t work, we recommend surgery. District Foot & Ankle can provide any needed foot tendon surgery. We are committed to providing the best care possible. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding foot health.