Tendonitis Treatment & Repair

Tendons are necessary to help the muscles move and work the way they should. Extreme force and repetitive movements can cause injury. Tendonitis is one of the main issues. When tendonitis occurs, the tissue is flooded with blood and brings inflammation. Extreme inflammation causes a lot of pain. District Foot & Ankle has tendonitis treatment and repair that heals foot and ankle tendonitis.

Dealing with Tendonitis

Not only does tendonitis cause inflammation but also stiffness and swelling. The common treatment is:

·        Rest

·        Ice

·        Compression

·        Elevation

Resting your foot or ankle stops further damage to the tendon. Ice helps with inflammation. Elevating and wrapping the ankle reduces swelling. This is the first intervention typically taken. If your case is mild, this may be all you need.

Further TreatmentThere are situations where the tendon won’t heal properly unless surgery takes place. Tendon tears are common. The best thing to do if you think you have tendonitis is to come in for a diagnosis. The proper treatment depends on the correct diagnosis. At District Foot & Ankle, we can help with all your foot or ankle problems. Contact us at (703) 832-9013 for more information on tendonitis treatment and repair. Don’t walk around in pain when you can get the treatment you need.