Do You Have Inner Ankle Pain? We Have the Solution

If you are experiencing inner ankle pain, it could be your posterior tibial tendon. When it becomes damaged, it can cause sharp pains in your inner ankle or your arch. It can also feel like it is popping and be sore when you touch it. These are all signs of posterior tibial tendonitis. It commonly occurs in runners.

Diagnosing the Problem

It is important to have any foot or ankle pain looked at. Certain symptoms can manifest in various ailments. You want the correct diagnosis so you can get the proper treatment. When you make an appointment, we go over your symptoms and examine your foot. We will order CT or MRI scans if needed. Possible treatments include:

· In-home stretches

· Physical therapy

· Anti-inflammatory medication

· Orthotics

· Bracing or a cam boot if needed

· Surgery

When Can I Start Running Again?

Posterior tibial tendonitis doesn’t just cause inner ankle pain; it can do serious damage. You need to take care of your foot and allow it to heal. You will want to return to running slowly. So yes, inner ankle pain could be the posterior tibial tendon. If you suspect this is your problem, make an appointment with District Foot & Ankle today.