Treating Morton’s Neuroma

One of the problems we often see at District Foot & Ankle is complaints of pain on the bottom of the foot. The pain generates between the middle toes and can be an indication of Morton’s neuroma. It can be very painful and inhibit your walking ability, and limit activity. Wearing high heels can trigger this problem. We have new treatments for Morton’s neuroma that can help with this problem.

Things You Can Do to Help

If you have Morton’s Neuroma, ice packs can help. Take a break from high heels. If you do high-impact exercise, you should put that on hold for a bit. Flat, looser shoes are beneficial.

Professional Treatments

We offer professional treatments that can relieve the problem if the above does not work. These include:

·        Custom Orthotics

·        Corticosteroid Injections

·        Decompression Surgery

·        Nerve Removal

The nerve removal surgery would be the last resort if all the above failed. It does leave a permanent numbness, but that is easier dealt with than the constant, severe pain.

Schedule Your Appointment TodayIf you have serious foot pain, you should see a professional to ensure you get the right diagnosis. For new treatments for Morton’s neuroma, give us a call at (703) 832-9013. We also provide inflammation ankle joint treatment.