Treating Foot Wounds & Ulcers

An ulcer is not the same thing as a foot wound, although there are many similarities. Skin, and the tissue layers below, that are injured due to an abrasion or injury is a foot wound. Wounds that do not heal and go much deeper into the foot can turn into an ulcer. District Foot & Ankle provides foot wound treatment that can get you on your way to healing.

What is a Foot Ulcer?

An open sore that fails to heal is an ulcer. They often occur on the foot on the bottom or side of the foot and on the tups of the toes. The cause is often a diabetic foot ulcer.

Treating Foot Wounds

If you have a foot wound or ulcer, there are treatments used to enhance healing. These include removing excess debris from the area (debridement), medication and dressing, antibiotics, and specialized footwear. Compression and surgery may be needed, and you must rest your foot as well.

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