Plantar Fasciitis Causing You to Limp Along? We Can Help!

At District Foot & Ankle, we deal with a lot of people with plantar fasciitis. The pain is often on the bottom of the heel but can impact the balls of your feet or even in your arch. As the day goes on, the pain often decreases as the tendon gets stretched and the muscles warm-up. If you think you have plantar fasciitis, you need to see a foot and ankle specialist of Virginia. We can help you resolve the foot pain.

Regenerative Medicine Can Help Severe Cases

Most cases of plantar fasciitis clear up with conservative treatment. But approximately 10% of the cases need further treatment. Regenerative treatment allows us to deal with serious cases without resorting to surgery. The treatment can include:

  • Placental Tissues – this can help stimulate new blood vessel formation along with other amazing benefits.
  • Radial Shockwave Treatment – High energy pressure waves are sent into your foot to increase blood vessel formation and new blood flow. It increases tissue healing.

You can count on District Foot & Ankle for plantar fasciitis treatment that meets your specific needs. Don’t let the pain hinder you from living life. Get the help you need.