Walk Strong & Pain Free with the Right Foot Treatment

When your feet hurt, life is no fun. Even seemingly small problems such as tinea pedis, or athlete’s foot, can become severe enough that they impact your daily activity. At District Foot & Ankle, we offer tinea pedis treatment in Northern VA to stop serious problems from worsening.

Stop the Burning & Itching

Two of the main symptoms of athlete’s foot can be burning and itching. With the right treatment, it can be taken care of before it escalates to being serious. Other symptoms can include:

·        Redness

·        Stinging

·        Itching

·        Burning

Painful Toes Made Better

Ingrown toenails can be excruciating. The pain can be so severe that you can’t even put your shoes on. If you have problems with an ingrown toenail, do not wait until it is so sore you can’t stand to touch it. We provide onychogryphosis treatment in Northern VA that deals with your ingrown toenail fast.

Walk Strong with the Proper Treatment

At District Foot & Ankle, we get to the root of what is causing your problems with your feet or ankles. We then apply the correct treatment. We want all of our clients to walk strong and do the things they need to do, pain-free. Call today to schedule your appointment and get rid of your athlete’s foot or ingrown toenail problems.