Chronic Ankle Instability Surgery Can Solve Stability Problems

Your ankle is a vital component in being able to walk well. Even a mild sprain can put you out of commission for a couple of days. If you have had a sprained ankle more than once, you could be at risk for ankle instability. Each time you sprain your ankle, the joint is impacted. What happens then is, unstable ankles are prone to future problems, such as sprains. It can be a vicious circle. At District Foot & Ankle, we can help you with ankle instability. One of the treatments includes chronic ankle instability surgery.

Diagnosing the Problem

In order to determine exactly what is going on with your ankle, we do a physical exam and go over your medical history. We discuss your symptoms with you and, if needed, perform imaging tests. If it is decided that surgery is need, the typical operation is lateral ankle ligament reconstruction.

What is lateral Ligament Reconstruction Surgery?

This procedure tightens the ligaments connected to the ankle on the outside of your leg. These ligaments provide stability when you walk. It is an outpatient procedure and can take a few weeks to heal. You will need physical therapy as well. 

At District Foot & Ankle, we provide ankle instability treatment and other services such as Achilles tendon repair surgery