We Treat Athlete’s Foot & Ingrown Toenails

We Treat Athlete’s Foot & Ingrown Toenails

Life can be difficult when you have problems with your feet. When you have a foot ingrown toenail problem, it can be quite painful. Antibiotics can help if there is an infection, but unless the portion of the toenail is removed, which is causing the problem, it can be recurring. Athlete’s foot is another situation that can worsen over time and become serious. At District Foot & Ankle, we can treat both problems and have you walking without pain.

Athlete’s Foot

This fungal infection impacts the skin of the foot. It transmits easily in places such as showers and pools. If you wear socks that get moist for long periods, that can cause it as well. Symptoms can include redness, stinging, itching, and burning.

Ingrown Toenails

The pain from an ingrown toenail can be so severe that you cannot put your shoe on. If you are dealing with this problem, and it is mild, do not think it will go away on its own. The longer you leave it, the more it digs into your toe, risking infection and increased pain.

Treating the Athlete’s Foot & Ingrown Toenails

At District Foot & Ankle, we provide professional Athlete’s Foot treatment in Virginia and numerous other treatments for foot and ankle problems. Don’t let your situation get worse; call us today.