Strengthen Your Ankle with Unstable Ankle Treatment

Injuries to the ankle can cause ankle instability, which can be long-term. Injuries weaken the muscles in that area, causing it to be vulnerable to more injuries. Exercises designed to strengthen the muscles can improve mobility, which will help you avoid further injury. At District Foot & Ankle, we can help you with unstable ankle treatment.

Developing a Treatment Plan

When you come in, we will go over your situation. We then develop a set of exercises that are designed for your specific situation. Your treatment plan may include the following type of exercises:

  • Non-weight bearing
  • Isometrics
  • Resistance
  • Partial weight-bearing
  • Full weight-bearing

Building Strength & Stability

The goal is to build strength and stability in your ankle and get you back to a normal life. At District Foot & Ankle, we treat all types of problems. We can help with things like:

Don’t walk around in pain. If you have chronic unstable ankle problems, give us a call at (703) 832-9013. We work with most insurances and will design an unstable ankle treatment plan that will help restore mobility and strength. Call us today to book your appointment.