Don’t Let Foot Pain Stop You From Being on the Go

Nothing is worse than foot or ankle pain. It inhibits your ability to move freely and do the things you need to do. Sometimes the pain can be so debilitating you cannot do anything but sit with an ice pack. Many things can cause foot and ankle pain. It is important to get the problem looked at, as different problems will require different treatments. One of the things we deal with often at District Foot & Ankle is ankle strain treatment.

Treating Ankle Strains

Ice packs and heat can help with strains, but you must know the right ratio of application. We can look at your ankle and determine the best treatment for your situation. Our goal is to have you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Policeman’s Heel Treatment in Northern VA

Today, not many people are familiar with the term policeman’s heel, but they do know the term plantar fasciitis. Years ago, police officers walked a daily beat, and it was hard on their feet. We are experts at treating this problem and can help you with exercises and the proper footwear to correct the problem.

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